What materials do we use?

All materials are subject to strict entry checks in accordance with ČSN EN 14250:2010.



  • Certified spruce timber planks of strength class C24.
  • Moisture content ≤ 20%.
  • Width of timber: 50 ~ 100 mm.
  • Length of timber : 80 ~ 260 mm.


Connectors – range of fastening elements from the BOVA company.

  • Steel gusset plates with punched metal plate fasteners on one side.
  • BV 15 – 1.5 mm – hot-dip galvanized steel sheet.
  • BV 16 – 1.5 mm – hot-dip galvanized steel sheet.
  • BV 20 – 2.0 mm – hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel (on request)

Impregnation – Bochemit QB.

  • The product provides the timber with long-term protection against wood-destroying insects, dry rot and mould.
  • Yellow indicator colour.
  • Impregnation is carried out after the parts are cut, which ensures perfect protection of the cut area.


Anchoring and fastening elements – We use a range of metal fixtures for wooden structures from the BOVA company.

  • Connecting plates.
  • Angle brackets.
  • Stirrups.
  • Anchoring components.
  • Bases.


How is the creation of the structural design carried out? The structural design is carried out using highly sophisticated software from the FINE company. The software is able to simulate the effects of various loads on the generated 3D construction. Through multiple calculations it accurately calculates the dimensions of individual components in such a way that  the thickness of the material at each point of the construction corresponds with the load supported.




And the actual production of the beams?

  • The manufacture takes place in the production hall on a special production line which ensures year-round operation.


What is the process for manufacturing a beam?

  • Creation of production documentation and documentation for machinery.
  • Thanks to the automated computer-controlled saw we are able to achieve a high level of precision in cutting pieces of timber.
  • Impregnation of parts in a special bath.
  • Drying of parts.
  • For the assembly of the beams we use a special system of stands electromagnetically clamped to the steel floor.
  • The outline of the beam is firmly fixed in place and the dimensions checked regularly.
  • After the assembly of the beam comes the precise placement of fastening elements according to the production documentation.
  • Subsequent pressing using a powerful gantry press under a pressure of as much as 50 tons.
  • Through output inspections we guarantee the dimensions are maintained and at the same time eliminate unwanted delays caused by complications during installation.


How do the beams get from the production hall to the roof?

  • The beams are transported to the construction site whole.
  • For handling during the actual installation we generally use a mobile crane.


How long does the installation take for an average-sized house?

  • The actual installation takes no more than two days.


Who carries out the installation?

  • As a rule the structures made by us are also erected by us (exclusively by company employees) since the greatest risk of critical errors arises during the installation itself. Only in this way are we able to provide a superior guarantee.
  • We use high-quality professional tools.
  • We have building insurance in place.

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